Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Illness and Chaos

It has been pretty hectic here since my return home from Europe. Let me clarify, it was extremely hectic here whilst I was away and it still is.

Whilst I was away, Anja was ill and had to go on antibiotics, which is pretty rare for Anja so when she is ill, she’s pretty ill. Connor fell and tore his fingernails to the point that he has totally lost a nail on his big finger. Finally, now that the weather is turning poor Isabel has fluid build up in her eardrums again (recall she had adenoids removed and ear tubes put in last November). Her hearing has deteriorated again so she has more tubes in her future.  It was a tough 10 days for Lynne, I’m only glad that Pat was here to help out.

Things have settled down a little now, as always time is a great healer, although Connor now has a cold also. I too did not escape some illness, I’ve had a bad cold since my return, I took a trip to the doctor this week and found out that I had a double ear and throat infection.  Life is tough. 

These pictures below are random pictures from these last few weeks. i thought Anja's fancy dress plus wellies was cute and it's obvious that Connor loves his little train set.

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