Friday, November 25, 2011

Busy Day

We had a very relaxing Thanksgiving yesterday with Kaisa, Kevin and family. They cooked a fabulous dinner, a big roast turkey with many trimmings and two great desserts. Thank you both again for having us over.

It was nice to get a first picture of Connor and Anton. We have literally hundreds of our four girls together, so it was nice to get one finally with the boys. The picture of the girls below on the sofa was taken during a "show" that they put on for the adults. I was warned beforehand against flash photography during this show so they were very upset when I took this picture :)

Today we got our Christmas tree and decorations up; the kids were hyper during that. Would you believe that Lizzie also returned last night right on time. We also had a little trip to the mall to buy some new chairs for our new kitchen table. It was a full day and tomorrow will be even busier.

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