Sunday, November 20, 2011

Isabel in the Wars Again

If you're a regular reader here on our blog, you'll know that poor Isabel is a little accident-prone. We had the next installment in that story last night. Herself and Connor were playing chase around the house after dinner on these ride-on toys that we have. In a split second (that I can still see replaying over and over in my mind), she hit the door saddle (floor boundary between kitchen and hallway) and toppled head over heels hitting her chin into the floor.

There was blood everywhere…everywhere. Lynne whisked her off to urgent care where four nurses held her down screaming while the doctor stitched her up, eight stitches in total.

She is fine today, running around the house chasing Connor like nothing ever happened. We're wincing every time she runs close to something, seeing danger at every turn. I’d like to wrap her up in cotton wool but unfortunately as parents we can’t do that.

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