Sunday, January 08, 2012

Ballet and Weekend Update

The kids are now all tucked up in bed, really tired and ready for a new week after a relatively eventful weekend. This was largely due to the great weather we have had. We were all out yesterday playing in the garden for well over an hour, this is virtually unprecedented in January. It’s so nice to get some fresh cool air and get a little exercise too.

Today then, the girls and Lynne got all dressed up (well the girls did anyhowJ) for their annual trip to the ballet. Our local ballet company performs The Nutcracker each January and the girls love going. Whilst they were out, Connor and I hit the golf course, figuratively of course. We took a walk with Daisy on our local golf course, which is great for her, she races up and down the fairways like a racehorse. Then to top it all off this evening, Lynne made a great apple crumble and made Birds Custard to go with it, yumee…

We also had a houseguest this weekend, which provided endless entertainment. Marley, Randy and Lorraine’s cat, stayed while they together with Cy visited Chicago for his birthday. Have a great week everybody.

Shown below are various photos, I love the first one of Connor, it looks like Elmo is coming down the slide.

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