Sunday, April 01, 2012

Anja the Photographer

These last few weeks, Anja has taken a surprising interest in taking photos. In addition to our big digital SLR camera, which the kids know is strictly off limits, we also have a small point and shoot (Canon Powershot 100) which I let them use from time to time. 

Anja has been using it more and more recently. She has now also decided that she wants her own camera for her birthday. I’m pretty pleased about this since I’ve tried to teach them a few of the basic photo tips over the years, really basic stuff like point the camera at the person, hold it really steady, not an easy task. Downloading her shots makes for some interesting perspectives. Shown below are a cross section of what she has recently captured, some of it's good, most of it needs work, especially that handsome Daddy of hers :) I really like the one with the small bug inside the daffodil. The upside down ones are on purpose, she was particularly pleased with these…

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