Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Marissa and Reina

Lynne has been travelling; she left yesterday morning for the garden state, New Jersey. She’ll be back tonight albeit around midnight. Yesterday we had a busy day of socializing, the kids and I hung out at Marissa’s 4th birthday party. The kids played hard in the garden whilst Steef, Ginette and myself sat around, watched them play and chatted. It was a tough day :) We finished the day off at our house with some lamb kebabs, chicken sausages, a few glasses of wine, a perfect Sunday afternoon really.

Shown below are a few photos from yesterday but importantly also shown is a picture of Reina who also celebrated her 8th birthday this weekend. Lynne, the girls and Connor actually spent the day Saturday with them and like us yesterday, stayed for a full day of entertainment. I could not go so there are no pictures, I took the picture of Reina below a few weeks ago.

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