Friday, April 20, 2012

US Citizens

Today was a pretty special day; Lynne and myself became United States Citizens this morning. Yep, how about that, that doesn’t happen every day. After several years as legal resident aliens in this country, seriously, that’s what we were called; we initially entered on a H1B Visa.  Lynne was even on a J1 Visa at one point but we eventually got Green Cards and after 5 years we finally got through the naturalization process.

This morning we travelled to US district court in South Bend and together with 46 other foreign nationals from over 20 countries we collectively raised our right hand took the Oath of Allegiance thus becoming very proud US Citizens. Now we each have three passports, in case we ever get lost. We couldn't get pictures of us actually taking the oath but shown below is a picture of us standing with the judge who presided over the process.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations you guys!!

This is awesome!


Lindsay said...

Congratulations!! America certainly got the better end of this deal! :)