Wednesday, June 06, 2012


I’m writing this post from a hotel room in Montreal, Canada. I’m here for two nights for work. I arrived this evening around 7pm and before the light faded and got too dark, I headed out for my favorite way to see any new city these days, running around the city center. I ran for about 40 minutes and got a good sense of the immediate city center anyhow. It’s really like any major city, lots of huge banks, hotels, busy streets all mixed in with very old preserved buildings and small little parks. I’m probably not going to get another chance now to tour around since I have a busy day tomorrow but I’m glad to have seen some of it.

I took a few pictures but I’m unsure how good they look, the light was fading quickly. I'm sorry a few are sideways, no idea why and I tried unsuccessfully to fix it on my work computer, its a windows system::))

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