Monday, August 06, 2012

Isabel and Daddy at Indiana Beach

Last week, Isabel and I had a great day at Indiana Beach. I needed a day off from work after a busy week and a long weekend in Chicago and Isabel was at home whilst Ella and Anja were at camp. We were perfect company for each other for the day. We had never been and I thought it was time to try it. It's an amusement and water park in Monticello, about 40 minutes from where we live. It's no Disney World but it is pretty close and we both certainly had a great day. Isabel got to go on and some pretty aggressive rides which she absolutely loved.  Luckily she was also tall enough to go on the very biggest water slides, yes those shown below, which she thought were simply exhilarating, I could not get her off them. We had a great day.

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