Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Don't Blog us Daddy

It was only a matter of time, time that is before one of our kids takes issue with their pictures being on the blog. A few years have past since one of those early pictures of Anja on this blog; we all look a little different today. On Sunday as I was trying to snap a few photos, Anja was desperately trying to avoid the camera, as she has done a lot lately. So, I asked her what was up….

She said, “You’re only going to Blog us Daddy”….
I replied with, “Wow, ok, what’s so bad about that?”
“I don’t think the entire world wants to see pictures of us anymore”
         “Oh, I don’t think the entire world is looking at our blog, just our friends”
“No, if it’s on the Internet the entire world can see it, even the President probably looks at our blog”…

Anyhow, you get the drift. We discussed it along those lines for another few minutes until she got distracted with something else. I do know she is very curious about this blog, virtually every time I come to sit at the computer these days I see somebody has been reading blog posts from years ago. I guess this is what happens when your kids start to read very competently, and get opinions.....

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