Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Anja

Today we had a hectic yet very enjoyable day. We celebrated Anja’s 8th birthday. We had at least 15 children running crazy around the house; we had wet weather so most of the time we were confined indoors. We had all the usual fare, grilled food, lots of drinks, fruit, veggies, sweet treats and cake and ice cream of course. Lynne did a treasure hunt again, Brooke did flower pot painting and Kenia who kindly gave Anja a piñata for her birthday.

Thanks to all who came to celebrate with Anja, many thanks to Brooke as always for doing the “giant cupcake” birthday cake and of course to Granny Owens who sent Anja her beautiful clothes for the big occasion.  I took many more photos than those shown below, they can be viewed here.

Anja, we hope you had a wonderful birthday, we're so proud of you, so grown up, Mummy and Daddy love you so much.


Lindsay said...

EIGHT! I can't believe that... Anja, you are such a beautiful, sweet girl. I'm so thankful to know you! :)

Also, it was so kind of Connor to coordinate his eye with Isabel's dress. ;) (Hope he heals up soon.)

Paul said...

That was a good one Lindsay. I'll let Anja know tomorrow that you saw her photos, she'll like that a lot.