Sunday, March 23, 2014

After Some Highs and Lows I'm Back......

Since my last blog post in January we have had a few highs and lows. Honestly with trying to get my course finished I had no energy to take the time to write a few posts each week. This is changing tonight and I look forward to re-engaging.

The obvious high was my MBA graduation on Friday, we all just returned home after a wonderful weekend and I’ll be recounting much more on that over the coming nights this week.

Many of you know that the low we experienced over the last two weeks was that Daisy, our loyal pet for 10 years passed away. She was diagnosed with an aggressive malignant tumor in February and her time had come. It was very very painful and I’ll also devote some blogging time to this week.

So there you have it, keep an eye this week…..

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kt said...

Congratulations on your MBA Paul, a massive achievement especially part time holding down a full-time job! I personally took the easy route and did it f/t! Cheers Keith