Friday, May 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Jonathan

Today, Jonathan my brother, turns over yet another year!! (He's like the rest of us - turns 21 today!!) Wishing you a very happy birthday from West Lafayette.

Jonathan, a wannabe Hoosier, is now living in Sligo. Foe those who do not know what a Hoosier is. This is a person who is born and raised in Indiana. Jonathan and Triona lived in Indianapolis and loved it there. This weekend by the way is the Indy 500.

This post is obviously a little late but you will get the best wishes at some point.

Unfortunately I do not have any embarrassing pictures of him but I can plug his software company. You can see it at

Anyhow, Happy Birthday Jonathan and best wishes to Triona and Diarmuid!!


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Anonymous said...

Cheers Paul :)