Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Old Photos Round Two

Hi There,

A week or so ago I posted the first in a series of old photos. Here comes the second.

This is a picture of myself and Davey my brother. No Idea how old we were there but we sure don't look that old. I cannot even place the lovely dresser (cabinet in the background). If you want to find out how David turned out from this beautiful face you will be able to check Davey and Sams blog out .


Davey-and-Sam said...

I can’t believe it – that’s the oldest photo I have seen in years……so innocent, and I haven’t grown a lot since either………

The jumpers and shoes – say no more!

I have no idea where that photo was taken.


Davey-and-Sam said...

I was soooooo cute.... where did it all go wrong?

Tim said...

He hasn't changed a bit !

Paul said...


Wait till you see the next photo I got our beloved brother. The picture I am talking about is a little older but it's a see how young personalities are formed.

you'll love this space.