Saturday, June 18, 2005

This Weeks Obsession....Sourdough Bread

Well having done countless Irish Soda Breads, several yeasts breads with purchased dried yeast, I've decided to have a go at one of my favorite breads....Sourdough.

This of course requires a sourdough starter (i.e sourdough yeast). The idea of a sourdough and what makes it different from any other run of the mill bread is that the yeast used to give the bread lift is simply created at home, so sourdough from different locations around the world will be different. All you need to do is put some food out in the open air (flour and water) and wild yeasts from your environment will settle there and hopefully think it's a nice place to live and multiply. You then take those new yeastie friends of yours to make a sourdough bread.

Of course you can buy a sourdough starter but what's the fun in that?

I am going to give it a go so tonight I put a starter on.... See picture below. If it works I'll make a loaf next weekend and show you the results. It may not work first time but I'll keep trying.

hey.......I've successfully coaxed yeast to convert sugar to alcohol so making bread should not be that difficult right?

I like this guys simple website...:


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