Saturday, July 09, 2005

Weekly Update

Hi Everybody,

Well yet another week has passed. 10 week old Anja is doing great. She weighed in at just over 13 lbs last week when she visited the doctor to get her immunisation shots. They are happy with her progress.

Lynne and myself are starting to resume normal life. Lynne is currently out on her 4th 25 mile bike ride this week. I also managed to get about 100m in this week.

This time next week we will be Michigan bound. We have hired a log cabin on a small lake, somewhere for us to chill out for a 10 days. We will miss the wedding of Malin and Wayne in Sweden, for this we are sorry but I believe they understand.

We will be busy pretty soon with visitors. In August, Auntie Eilish will arrive from Ireland, Lynne's Mum will be back in September, as will our friend Bryan from Sweden (with a friend) and in October Granny Owens will be over for a month. Uncle Davey and Auntie Sam are considering a Christmas trip. We are looking forward to everybody coming.

Shown below is the weekly shot of Anja together with a very sorry dog (I used to get all the attention not mere scraps!!)

Bye for now

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