Monday, August 15, 2005

Lynne Back to Work

Hi Everybody,

Today Lynne officially went back to work. I say that since she has been putting in many hours working at home, in addition to looking after Anja. Today however it was official.

For those of you who didn't know, we are having a nanny come to our house each day to look after Anja. Her name is Michelle and she is very nice. I'm sure pictures of Michelle and Anja will soon appear on this site.

Lynne of course had the very normal anxious feelings that every new mother has when returning to work. Leaving her child with a virtual stranger. The day went well for her and I'm sure she will get into the swing pretty soon again.

We had a nice relaxed weekend. Not much was achieved other than papers read, coffee & tea drank and the host of usual weekend household chores. This was our last weekend alone for some time since next weekend I travel to Chicago to collect my sister who stays right up to the arrival of Lynne's mother who will be followed by my mother.

That's all for now. Didn't have any real special photos from the weekend so I posted a nice shot of a Lily that I took earlier this summer.



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