Sunday, August 07, 2005

Weekly Update

Hi Everybody,

Sorry it's been a bit slow lately on the blog, having trouble getting back into the routine here after our holidays. We have now completed a slow week at work but I think we have finally got into the swing again.

Saying that, we did have a relatively quiet weekend. Lynne attacked the sewing machine with great success. Three fitted sheets for Anja's Crib (Cot in English). They looked great.

I brewed another beer. You may ask where all this beer is going but I'm stocking up for our guests. Eilish, Bryan, Mum, Dave and Sam all over the coming months. I will also be doing another batch of cider in October when the apples are ready. Other than that, spent the weekend, tending to Anja, weeding, watering plants, mowing the lawn and all that good house stuff. Everything needs lots of water right now since we have had several days where it's been over 30 degrees.

Anja is doing great. Not much to report these days other than she is getting more observant and mobile with each passing day. She weighed in at 15.5 lbs this weekend. Shown below is her weekly mug shot.

Not much else to report. We are all doing great here. Looking forward to our guests. Eilish who recently graduated from school will visit in two weeks. See a great graduation photo here.

That's it for now bye..........Paul

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