Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Went for a Swim this Evening

This evening, our neighbours Liz and Phil Krause invited us over for a dip in their pool. Lynne kindly offered to stay at home to watch over Anja while Eilish and myself enjoyed the delights of a cool evening swim. Hmmm

They have a 36 by 18 foot pool in their back garden which is nice to use day or night. It was a relatively cool evening which made the water at 30 degrees C (85 F) seem very warm.

Their son, Tommy, joined us for a dip which made for a great excuse to delay bedtime just a few extra minutes.

After 45 minutes or so sloshing around and a beer it was time to draw it all to a close. Eilish wanted a picture of her diving in. We got one eventually...I need to hone my photography skills since it took a few shots which Eilish was not best pleased about..

A great night was had by all.......

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runthehill said...

Gosh isn't life tough guys!! Of course I'm fierce jealous :)