Monday, September 12, 2005

Busy Weekend Yet Again

Hi All,

Apologies to all you Monday morning visitors. It was a busy weekend and I was very tired last night.

Friday night was Eilish's last night and we sat around and talked for a while before watching a DVD. Saturday was a trip to Chicago to bring Eilish back to O'Hare whilst also collecting Pat for another visit. She will be here for three weeks. Got back home at 19.30 or so and after the round trip I was quite tired.

Sunday was thus used for catching up with chores. Did lots of little stuff including putting together a piece of Ikea furniture. It was a rather large chester drawers and it took both Lynne and myself approximately 2 hours to put together. For those of you that may be vaguely interested, a picture can be seen here. Many of you may not know but all Ikea furniture comes totally flatpacked. Anyhow now it's finished!

HÃ¥kan is currently here with me, browsing over my shoulder. He came over tonight to say hello around dinner time...he's still here. He moved into this lovely house over one month ago, which is just around the corner. He has admitted to having used the microwave at least once and the stove has yet to be cranked up.....but his new lifestyle is just around the corner. You have to know him.

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