Monday, September 05, 2005

Visit to the Zoo

Hi Everybody,

Saturday we all took a trip to Indianapolis and a visit to the Zoo. This was Eilish's first trip to a zoo and I think she enjoyed it. There are many pictures below but obviously we saw many more animals in addition. The dolphin show was particularly good, however the pictures were not that impressive.

We had lunch at one of our favourite places in Indy, another first for Eilish, Thai food. She loved it and would like to visit again before she leaves next weekend.

Sunday was a lazy day. Eilish looked after Anja while Lynne pottered in the garden and a batch of beer was brewed. In the early afternoon we went around to Lorraine and Randy's house for a great evening.

Today is also shaping up to be a relaxing encounter. It's already 11.00am and there are still no firm plans other than to go across to the Krause's house for a dip in the pool. They are currently away and we are "looking after the swimming pool for them''. We also had a dip yesterday. It's very nice to cool off when its well above the 80's.

That's all for now.....hope everybody in Europe is have a nice day at work........

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