Saturday, September 24, 2005

We are back with an Update

Hi Everybody,

We needed a few days this week to get over the sad news we received last week regarding Aiden and Iclal, but now it's important to move on. Below is an update of how things have been.

Last weekend was one of the busiest this year. On Thursday, our friend of 8 years, Bryan, visited us from Sweden with his touring friend, Johanna. We all had a good weekend. We stayed in Thursday, went out Friday night to a bar with 150 beers, Chumleys in Lafayette. A good night was had by all. Saturday we had planned a big BBQ for some of my work friends and others. We had 20 adults visit us and many children. I found it necessary to buy a new BBQ. Purchased a gas grill. See pictures below.

The evening went well. I think everybody had fun. Bryan and Johanna caught the greyhound bus to Chicago Sunday morning which gave us all time to relax before work again Monday.

Last weekend was also very momentous for Anja....her first solid food. A few pictures are shown below but in summary it went as everywhere, not much in her mouth and Daisy cleaned up everything.

Life has now returned to some normality. I went for a 10km run this morning with Gary and later carried out some additional weekend chores (shopping). This afternoon Lynne, Anja myself and Pat took a trip to a local orchard to pick up some fresh apples and some freshly squeezed apple juice (or apple cider if you are from the US). The orchard is called Dispennett's. I bought 11gallons which will eventually be turned to hard cider!! (more on that later).

That is about all for now. Hope everybody is keeping well.


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