Friday, October 07, 2005

Anja has a Tooth

HI There,

We as you can may have gathered from my title comment, Anja has pushed a tooth through. We were reasonably certain that she was teething with the sudden change in sleep patterns, rosy red cheeks in the evenings and generally more cranky. I'm sure it's going to continue for a few more months as extra little teeth find their way to the light!!

Tomorrow I run my first road race for the first time in a while. My last was the Indy Half Marathon in 2004. So tomorrow Gary, Phil and myself will be running the local Pumpkin Push which is a 10K run around Lafayette. I'll let you all know how we got on later. I believe that we are going to simply enjoy the race and get round in a comfortable time!

Not much else to report this Friday evening. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend, the usual chores tomorrow afternoon before we enjoy the rest of the weekend.

If you have a moment, you need to check out Jonathan's blog. He is currently in San Francisco at a conference for computer aficionados. Its called Web 2.0. Anyhow, as you will recognize from his daily updates , he is working hard!!

Bye for now

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