Sunday, October 02, 2005

Weekly Update 02 October 2005

Hi Everybody,

Wow, it's October already and the usual "where is the year going?..." comes to mind!! Nevermind, lets not dwell on that for much longer. All is well here. I had planned giving a mid-week update, but it was too hectic. We had a full house with Pat and one of Lynne's colleagues who stayed with us Wednesday and Thursday night.

Adnan, Lynne's student passed with flying colours Thursday so Lynne can now claim to have at least one PhD graduate and thus will be sending her message out to the workplace. He is still contemplating his first place of work.

Anja is doing great as you may see from the photos. I would put more of us on this blog but quite frankly they would not be as interesting. We are now certain that she is teething. Her cheeks are flushed and gets quite cranky each evening before bed (maybe I'm teething?). Stand by for the first tooth!! She is quite the accomplished eater at this stage. She loves her food and has no problems getting through a bowl of rice cereal to get her day started off!! Her eye colour is also starting to appear. At this stage they can be classified as brown-blue but I'm sure they will get a green tinge before long!!

Yesterday was another marathon day trip to Chicago. I left Pat to the airport. The day was long, approximately 6 hours driving! All I could do when I returned was listen to Purdue Boilermakers get beaten by The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame in American football.

I can now also report that I have accepted a new job. I will still be working at Lilly but in a different part of the corporation. If anybody is interested send me an email and I can fill you in!!

Life is hopefully going to be a little quieter next week. Actually nothing that new happening! I may even get to a midweek about this, I will post another picture as part of the old photo series!!

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