Sunday, November 06, 2005

Michele and Jordan now Married!!


Just a few updates on the happenings of the week. As mentioned earlier in these pages, Michele our nanny and Jordan were married on Friday. Lynne, Anja and myself were invited and had a great time meeting their extended families. We arrived in plenty of time to get lots of pictures of everybody including a picture of Anja with Jordan's grandmother who made Anja's beautiful dress. We wished them luck on the evening but do so again here for good measure. We hope they both have a wonderful life together. They have gone this weekend to Michigan on their honeymoon, a well deserved break since I know they worked hard on the preparations over the last few weeks.

Other news; Mum is obviously still here. She was in Indianapolis this week. Spent the day shopping in the malls of Indy. I think she liked them. She was also conducting full grandmother duties in looking after Anja this week. She will also be minding her all this week.

I started my new job this week. First week was a lot of fun, got to taste how it feels like to commute 65 miles each way to work four days this week, it will obviously be five next week. I've been on the road at 6.00 or thereabouts, which gets me in the office at 07.30. I try to beat some of the traffic. More updates on all that later.

I think that's about all for now. More later.....


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