Monday, November 14, 2005

Mums Last Weekend


Here follows the usual weekend update. It was a weekend of visitors. On Saturday Tere, Rodo and Monica visited. It was a special type of visit in that they arrived with food...yes with food. Tere was kind enough to cook her famous and authentic Mexican Chilli Rellenos, while Rodo did his killer guacamole. They were wonderful as normal.

On Sunday evening we had Lorraine and Randy around to dinner, they were keen to meet my Mum before she headed home again. Lorraine was actually in great spirits given that she underwent surgery on Thursday. She is recovering well.

Also had the usual weekend activities: I had my 6 miile run with Phil, Lynne went shopping and was baking for Anja once again this weekend. Anja now has enough food in the freezer until next May!!!! We also had a busy garden weekend!! Where do all the leaves come from I asked several times this weekend. Boy, two hours pruning and raking last weekend followed by a similar time this weekend has only put a small dent in the autumn clean-up. My enthusiasm is waning however.

Michele was back today, a married woman. I spoke with her briefly and it seems like her honeymoon went well.

Lynne is actually away tonight. She went to the East coast for a couple of days. She will be back Wednesday night. If you log on---Hi Love!! Chances are she will not since she has a busy schedule.

That's it for now...Have a nice week everybody.

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