Monday, February 06, 2006

A few Updates

Hi Everybody,

Here I will ramble a little and comment on the pictures below. Life in 2006 is chugging along, no major activities as of yet. The weeks are full of routine, mostly work but with eventful evening mealtimes and a constant guessing at what time everybody will get to bed. This I admit is mostly determined by Anja. The weekends are also pretty full of weekend routine. Shopping, relaxing, catching up on some reading, going for walks etc.

We are currently looking after Henry, the golden Lab shown below. He is Randy and Lorainne's dog who are in Northern Italy where I'm sure they are drinking good wine and eating great food. They deserve the break (although Randy is actually there working).

Anja has gained a few teeth (they now number four) but Mummy (aka Lynne) is loosing some. See picture below. Some of you may remember that she fell from her bike in Sweden and left half of her front tooth on our rather steep hill. Well today she lost the crown which will now need to be replaced (ouch!)

Just finished this book called The World is Flat, one of the better books that I've read in a while. I can recommend it.

The weather here in Indiana has been rather mild. We are getting through this winter relatively unscathed. Hope that I've not jinxed it now. Watch this space.........

That's all our news for now. Sorry it has been a while.


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