Sunday, February 12, 2006

Weekly Update

Hi Everybody,

Winter has reached Indiana. It is finally cold enough to feel like we are having a winter. Raw cold wind with snow flying horizontally!!

Today Anja has taken the next steps towards perambulation!! She is now very capable of standing on her own (see picture below of her looking very proud of herself) and many are now predicting her walking by around 10 months and running by her first birthday. It's looking likely!!

HÃ¥kan had dinner with us twice this week. We had Indian take-out one night and it's kind of becoming a tradition that he join us for that. He is getting really good with Anja, is even now comfortable feeding her.

It was a tough week from a babysitting perspective. Michele was sick Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Lynne's work efforts had to slow down this week!!

They were the highlights this week. I'm off to California (San Diego) for work Thursday and Friday. It will feel like a short week!!

Catch you all later!!


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