Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St Patricks Day

Hi Everybody,

Happy St Patricks day. We are not celebrating it here in West Lafayette with any special activities. Just a normal Friday night really. A little different from last year when I at least was down our local brew pub with some friends. Lynne was at home being very pregnant (I wasn't the caring husband that night).

We have had a few guests this week, First on Friday evening Chris and Jill visited which was followed by a visit from Matt and Laura with their daughter Emma on Saturday night. Then on Tuesday Lynne's old post-doc supervisor was in town, George Zografi, from Wisconsin.

This time next week I'll be half way across the atlantic ocean. I'm going to be in the UK for work next week so I'm calling in to Ireland for the weekend. I'm guessing that the next time these pages are edited they may be full of pictures from Ireland.

Shame on me for not posting this earlier... Last week Lynne and I had our 8th wedding aniversary. March 7th. Yes eight years ago today we were enjoying our honeymoon destination on the island of Zanzibar.

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runthehill said...

Congratulations on your 8th year married guys!! I can't believe it's that long.

In 2 you'll have to return for another honeymoon...

See you at the weekend!