Sunday, May 28, 2006

Breakfast with Lorraine & Randy


A recap on the weekend thus far:

On Friday evening we went over to our neighbours house, The Krause's. It was Phil's birthday - rumor had it that he turned 21!!! We all had a great time, great food, lots of drinks sitting by their pool.

Lynne left for a week long tour to Scandinavia Saturday morning. She will be in Sweden for 4 days and the remainder in Finland. She will return on Saturday morning and Anja, Pat and myself will travel to Chicago Saturday morning to meet her!! (If you happen to check the blog - Hi Love, we miss you).

Saturday evening we went to a BBQ at Sue and Greg's house. Once again, very enjoyable evening sitting by their pool with good food and lots of good company!! Forgot to take the camera so there is no visual evidence!!

This morning (Sunday) we cooked breakfast for Lorraine and Randy. We had a very lazy Sunday morning, literally ate a big fried breakfast and sat on our bums whilst we drank pot after pot of tea catching up on all their gossip. After Randy recounted his 50 mile bile trip yesterday, it motivated me to get out on the bike. I managed to skip round for 30 miles while Anja was having her afternoon nap. It was a sweltering 90F so I was a little dehydrated once I reached home again. I enjoyed it!!

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