Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Helen and Stewart's wedding in Emery Down

As noted below, this weekend I spent two days in the New Forest in England, in a small village called Emery Down. The occasion: my good friend Helen from college was getting married to Stewart. It was a wonderful day and next day. Obviously got to meet Helen again and her now new husband whom I enjoyed meeting. It was also great to catch up with her family, all of which I had not seen since I last visited many years ago.

I also had several surreal moments whilst catching up with many old friends from college, all of whom I'd not met in 12 years.

It was a fun trip, well worth the journey.

Just like to wish Helen and Stewart once again all the very best for the future, now having met Stewart and knowing Helen, I'm confident they will be both very happy together.


ps - also like to express my gratitude once again to Felicity for letting me stay at her house, she was actually the vicar who married them.

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