Sunday, May 28, 2006

Short Walk to Purdue

On my bike ride this afternoon, I had the idea that Anja may now be old enough to play in the fountains located on the Purdue campus. We took ourselves off there to see how well she would take to it.....

Like A Duck to Water...she loved it. After a few cautious moments, she was running in and out carefully watching all the other kids and trying her best to copy them.

I got a few nice shots before I had a brainwave (try setting the shutter settings on the camera to get some funky water shots). It worked in theory. Turned out that the shutter speed was far to fast and not enough light made it to the processor. It was quite angry since I had captured many Kodak moments (well of course there we not Kodak moments rather Canon moments).

I managed to recover a few (shown below) with some auto contrasting but they will never be the same.

Anyhow, we still had a great time.

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runthehill said...

Water like this on a bright day is very tricky. What you need to do is switch your camera to M (Manual) and try the Sunny 16 rule (set the appeture at F16 and the Shutter speed at 125) or spot meter off something mid-grey and set your appeture and speed using that. With the Sunny 16 rule you may need to adjust the shutter up and open the appeture to get a correct exposure - not that difficult though with a digital camera though :)

A somewhat easier alternative (the results won't be as good but they will be an improvement) would be to use the Flash (I personally don't like using this but it can help brighten up faces etc.