Saturday, March 31, 2007

Paul, Lynne and Anja's Blog 2.0

Hi Everybody,

I guess water is a lot of fun but if it's the only thing you have looked at in nine months it could get tiring. We (I) am going to try getting back into providing a regular post once again so that you can catch up with our news.

I'd like to state that it was due to popular demand, but that's not true. Of course there were several calls for a return of the blog, not very loud however.

As I start this up again and visitors return (hopefully), all I ask is that you leave a small comment from time to time, just to reassure me that somebody out there in the ether is reading the garble that I write!!

Anyhow, there is lots of new stuff in our lives which I will hopefully cover over the coming weeks, none bigger however than our news about a new baby on the way. Yes it's true we are going to have another baby, early August 2007, and Anja has no idea how different her world is about to come.

I leave you all, on this first post back, with a picture of us on the night that we discovered that a new baby was on the way!!

More later....Paul

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Paul said...

Just checking out the comments new feature (verification to avoid spammers) - Paul

Mike Goodwin said...

You're still in my news reader. I'll try to comment more this time.

Paul said...

Wow, Mike that was quick....Thanks for the support!!