Saturday, March 31, 2007

Trip to Europe

We returned last week from a two week trip to Europe. The first week was holiday and we spent the first part of that in Ireland. I will detail the remaining part in a later post.

We went to Roscommon for five days and we arrived to great fanfare. This was Anja's first trip to Ireland and a multitude of relations were making their way over the course of a few days to meet her. She was a little overwhelmed at first but soon took to the hustle and bustle.

We met my two brothers Clive and Aiden together with their better halves, Tracey and Isall, respectively. Mum and Dad of course and not forgetting Eilish. Anja also got to meet her cousin, Shauna. They had hours of fun playing outside. Granny of course was in her element taking her little girls all over the place.

The built-in babysitters gave Lynne and myself a well earned chance to get to see a little of Ireland. We took two day trips, one to Clifden, a remote village/town on the west coast of Ireland which took us through some very beautiful landscapes. We also took a trip to Carrick-on-Shannon, a town approximately one hours journey.

We had planned to do more traveling, but we just needed some downtime!!

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