Saturday, April 14, 2007

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at the Myer Residence

Today after a training run for the Indy half marathon (we did 9 mile), we went to Lorraine and Randy's house for breakfast. It was a cold and miserable day to start with but after a few hours it started to rain which later turned into snow. Yes snow in mid April (remembering we had 80 degree weather three weeks ago).

Breakfast tuned into lunch which was a prelude to the day sitting round chatting about all sorts, catching up, looking at pictures, surfing the net, a gazillion cups of tea and coffee, buying stuff on ebay (Lynne) and finally a turn for most of us in their hot tub. Anja had a great time, her first time on such an adventure, but it did take her a while to "warm up" to the idea. She was a little too cautious but got there after some coaching and a gentle push in the end!!

Our breakfast trip turned into a full day visit to the extent that we ended staying for dinner. Only at Randy and Lorraine's house is a welcome so generously tolerated!!

Many thanks to you both, we had a great day!!

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