Monday, April 16, 2007

Promotions in Our House

Friday evening Lynne heard officially that she has attained Tenure or is to be Tenured at Purdue University. This has a rather complex series of steps, meaning and tradition that is also under some scruitiny at the moment across all academic institutions in the US. It is probably best that you learn about this from a more better versed source. In practical terms, it's a promotion, a change from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor and a guaranteed position for as long as she wishes to have it. Cool.

I also received a promotion in my current job at Lilly last month. I will still be doing the same job with the same title. We both heard pretty much the same week, Lynne's was just not official until last Friday.

Anyhow, a small nugget of news on a Monday we have to go and finish our tax returns for 2006, tomorrow is the last day for filing.

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