Thursday, May 10, 2007

Photography Habits...Daisy Being Left Behind!

It's funny how things change...Tonight I was scrolling through some old photos and I found it funny, but not surprising, how we had taken so many photos of Daisy our dog before Anja arrived. Then it all dried up. She is still in many photos, in fact most of our photos have a tail, a leg or a snout or something.

Photography habits are notorious really. A million shots of the first born which then drops exponentially as subsequent children arrive. I would and should of course promise at this point that I will do it differently when we have our new baby in August, but then again I have just scrolled and scrolled and scrolled through so many photos and know already that I will also fail....


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Lindsay said...

I don't think that's true in the dawn of the digital age. It's so much easier with digi cams now, that I would bet second and third children get just as much camera attention as first borns these days!