Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jonathan & Diarmuid Stay the Night

Last night whilst on their way to Springfield, Missouri for a wedding, Jonathan and Diarmuid stayed the night. They were also accompanied by Diarmuid's friend Ross. They arrived after a relatively good trip from Chicago but they were quite tired. After dinner the boys promptly established themselves in front of our TV while Jonathan, Lynne and myself caught up on what's happening in the world. Lynne of course went to bed at a normal time unlike Jonathan and myself. We put the world to right over a few too many beers in addition to some whiskey that Jonathan had brought. It was very enjoyable but I am feeling a little tender today.

They left this morning after we took in three famous West Lafayette sites. The XXX Diner, home to the best breakfasts in town. The boys even tried some of their famous root beer. Then we took a swing by Ross-Ade Stadium and Makey Arena, Purdue's football and basketball stadiums respectively.

We enjoyed their visit, short but sweet. It was great having you all.

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runthehill said...

Thanks Paul & Lynne for putting us up (and putting up with us). It was great catching up with y'all - shame we couldn't stay longer. Just back in Ireland now after a great wedding.

Paul said...


It was great having you all. We enjoyed it. Next time for a little longer perhaps. Did feel a little sorry for you all as you headed off with an 8 hour car journey in front of you and if your head was anything like mine, that must not have been much fun!!