Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Wyatt's Visit for the Weekend

Just a short update from our weekend activities. We had the Wyatt's visit us from Yellow Springs.

Chris and Karen with their two boys, Bob who is almost 3 and Morris who is a mere 6 weeks old, have just moved to Ohio from Scotland this January. Thus far they love it. Chris and Lynne both studied at Bath University many years ago and have known each other ever since. Chris is now an assistant professor in the School of Medicine at Wright State University.

They have had a hectic few months with the move from Scotland, the birth of baby Morris, a new house purchase and dealing with the many other nuances of moving to a new country. Nevertheless, they took the time to come visit us this weekend. It was great having them. Catching up on news from old friends, having a few drinks and generally relaxing in good company. The scariest of all, however, was the direct observation of how much work it is to have a newborn again. Must say we had forgotten and since Bobby is a toddler much the same age as Anja it also gave us a glimpse of what our short-term future is looking like. Yikes!!

Anyway, Thanks a million Chris and Karen for making the journey, we throughly enjoyed your company and hearing all about Yellow Springs. We are intrigued with your little town and look forward to a visit in the near future.

Chris maintains a myspace site.
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