Sunday, July 01, 2007

Quiet Weekend that Håkan Left

Having a relatively quiet weekend here in West Lafayette, lots of recreational activities. My weekend started off good with a spring clean of the garage but it soon turned to more fun stuff. Walking in the woods, going to the park (think swings and slides), an afternoon nap was had by all yesterday (yes us all), spent an hour at the swimming pool, had dinner and finally went for ice-cream with some friends. This is a big summer tradition in the US. There are ice-cream restaurants everywhere.

The other news from the weekend thus far was that Håkan returned to Sweden yesterday. It was sad for us, we have known him for almost 10 years we have being living close to him all that time. We will miss his very distinctive character, the ups and the downs and all other things Håkan (those of you who know him certainly understand this). We wish him well in the next stage of his life. We enjoyed having you around all those years Håkan.

It's Sunday morning and it's time to get going with the second half of the is beautiful outside. Sunny today with a high temp of 80F(26C).

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