Saturday, September 01, 2007

Lynne's Broken Wrist

If you managed to read yesterday's post you will remember my enthusiasm for going for a short bike ride with Lynne. It all started out well but half way into the ride when we needed to stop at a traffic light, Lynne was unable to unclip from the pedal in time before she fell from her bike and breaking her wrist. She is unsure how the wrist broke since she actually landed on her elbow but it's rather trivial at this point.

So try nursing a three week old with a broken wrist that really hurts....not easy but we are getting through it. It's a little more difficult on everybody with Lynne out of action for most heavy duty lifting but we are managing. Everybody was a little more tired than usual this morning but I'm sure like everything else, time will ease the burden.

Other than this incident, the weekend is going just fine....


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runthehill said...

Oh Lynne! our heart goes out to you. What rotten luck. We hope you get better soon.