Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Granny Owens Starts to Help Out

So after a few days in West Lafayette, my Mother, or Granny Owens as Anja likes to call her, has settled in well. She is over her jet lag and is already a great help with everything round the house. She is primarily helping with Isabel in the mornings and taking her for walks in the afternoons but she is also helping with lots of other small jobs. I think she is really enjoying herself.

I took some holiday this week, mostly to help Mum get settled in but also to get a few odd jobs done. This morning got a leaky tap fixed that has been bugging everybody for months. Daisy got a bath and I also managed to take a visit to the dentist. Lots of little things.

I took Anja to the Dentist for the first time also this week. It was really just to start the dentist visits. She sat in his chair, rode up and down on it for a while, he chatted with her and he counted her teeth. Done. I wish my visits were that short and enjoyable!!

Lynne is nearing the end of her third week in a cast. It's like counting down the pregnancy weeks all over again. She is already truly sick of this cast but there are still four weeks remaining.

Took a trip out the country to an orchard yesterday, a place called Dispennett's Apple Orchard. One of my true enjoyments this time of the year, juicy apples freshly picked from a tree.


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