Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weekend Update

Greetings. I hope everybody had a great weekend. Ours was relatively uneventful if one considers being up a few times each night non eventful!!

We stayed close to home for most of the weekend, only ventured to the shops and to Randy and Lorraine's this morning for breakfast. We were also treated to dinner Friday evening by Kaisa and Kevin so our cooking this weekend has been limited!

Both girls are doing well, although Anja had a 24 hour bug yesterday which resulted in a full emptying of the stomach at 1.00 AM this morning!! Just what you need when your already pretty tired.

Lynne's wrist is as before, no lifting until further notice.

Getting ready now for another full week. This will be Pat's last week, she goes home on Saturday morning. We will miss her, she has been an enormous help.

Shown below is a picture of Isabel at one month (yesterday) and Anja at several months but in a very pretty dress that Sam and & Davey sent us.


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