Sunday, November 25, 2007

Getting Through the Weekend!

It's so nice to be able to log on to ones computer without knowing that it's going to crash several times before you have any chance of actually doing anything. Lovely!! Anyhow, I digress!!

Hope you are all enjoying this long Thanksgiving weekend? We are pretty chilled out here in West Lafayette. Taking it easy during the day, long evening dinners followed by marathon bedtime reading sessions in front of our open fire crackling away.

I have been able to get a few runs in over the weekend, 11 miles which helped to counter the good food and calorie laden beverages that have been consumed!

We had Kaisa and Kevin, together with their girls over for dinner last night!! It was fun.

Shown below are a few more photos from Thanksgiving dinner the other day!! No comments please on the placement of my head relative to the two red candles on the sideboard behind. I'm sure some of you "Devils" out there will find this amusing!



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