Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weekend Update

Well after a long struggle, I have been able to get our computer stable enough to write a few posts. This should not continue for much longer and normal service should resume shortly.

We are taking it easy this weekend. No scheduled activities other than dinner at Lorraine and Randy's tonight. I did however manage to get my usual Saturday morning 5 mile run in which I was pleased about. I was travelling to Europe this week for work and it took it's toll.

Pat is still here helping out which is great, although we will now enter our last week without parental (or grand parental help). Yes, Isabel will reach her 14th week next Saturday and from then on there will not be a grandparent here. Wonder if she will notice? We certainly will. From next week, just Lynne, myself and the girls. Incredible really. The miles from West Lafayette to both Ireland and England have not provided much of a barrier to the love and care that the grand mothers were able to provide.

We thank you both again.

So, hoping that you are all doing well. Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and Christmas soon thereafter of course. Lots of posts before then however.

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