Friday, December 28, 2007


We returned yesterday from a very enjoyable three day Christmas trip to Potato Creek. The weather was wonderful. Clear blue skies each day with temps in the 40s. Each day had pretty much the same themes...breakfast and lots of coffee, a mid-day stroll through the park (Brad and I got two runs in) whilst Lisa and Lynne went for a walk each day. The grandmothers babysat!! We can certainly recommend this park. The cabins were well equipped and very clean.
The evenings were spent eating and playing games!! We were three three families in all, each with a cabin next to each other, but we spent most of our time congregated for food and everything else in one cabin. Very relaxing.

Today we were chilling out round the house. Reading, cleaning, washing, calling relatives, Lynne was cooking food for the girls, I went to the gym. We went for a curry to top it all off and as I write we are about to start the bathing!!

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