Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lindsay Will be Leaving us.....

We have some sad news indeed but not that surprising if you have been watching the updates over the last week.
Lindsay will be leaving us shortly. As she has outlined in their blog, she needs to devote a little more time to her family given Ruby's recent peanut allergy diagnosis.

Lindsay has worked with us now for over twenty two months. Over that time she has literally allowed our crazy lifestyle to happen. We would not have been able to keep up with my job in Indy and Lynne's job at Purdue if we were not totally assured that Anja and Isabel were not being looked after in a manner that we could be fully comfortable. Lindsay did this and more. She has been such a great Nanny to the girls, we literally could not have asked for one additional thing. I know it may sound impossible but if you know Lindsay you will know and believe it when I say that she cared for our girls with as much passion and love as she did her own little Ruby. Hard to believe but I think very true.

Almost two years is a long time and peoples lives change. When she started with us we only had Anja but we now have Isabel and they have Ruby so both our situations are a little more complex. She is graciously staying with us while we try finding a replacement. More on that later but for now......Lindsay I know we will say it many times before you eventually leave us but we love You, Mike and Ruby and we thank you sincerely for what you have done for us over the last two years!

Paul, Lynne, Anja, Isabel & Daisy of course!

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