Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sheri here this Week

The week is going well thus far. Thankfully we are over half way there. Lynne is feeling much much better I'm glad to report.

Sheri, from Hangman's Hill, is here this week on her biannual visit to Purdue. She is actually out to dinner tonight with Lynne and others from Lynne's department. Pleasure as always to have you Sheri, thanks for the bread/cake!

Davey and Sam have upgraded their blog in anticipation of their world tour. I know I said they were going ages ago but the slump in the housing market is obviously inhibiting a rapid sale of their house. We wish them luck over the coming weeks. They are very anxious to get going.

Nothing else to report, we have had lots and lots of rain this week, I may have to boat down to Indy to work tomorrow!

Kristina is doing well in her first full week, her husband has expressed interest in my home brewing and may wish to come watch some weekend! I must break out the kettles, it's been way to long since I last brewed a batch!


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