Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sorry No Pictures of New Orleans

Got back from New Orleans late on Tuesday night. Took me two and half hours to get from Indy in the snow. Frustrating after a day of travel. I'm sorry that I have no pictures. Typical really, I got the battery all charged up but left the camera behind.

It was an interesting visit. I got there late Saturday night and took a walk through the French quarter, down the famous Bourbon St. What a party place. Not much fun I can tell you if one in on your own and sober. I had to give a presentation Sunday so I was keeping a low profile. I actually got to see a lot more of the city when I went for a long run early Sunday morning (9 miles). New Orleans early on a Sunday morning is not pretty and smells even worse. They actually spray the streets with disinfectant. I ran along the river, through the French quarter and north toward Lake Pontchartrain. I did get see some of the devastation, a few FEMA trailers, it was not pretty.

I did get to sample some of the party atmosphere Monday and Tuesday with some Lilly colleagues. Had some great Creole and Cajun food. Lots of sea food smothered in spicy hot buttery sauces. I'm avoiding the scales for a while. It was fun, the conference was OK.

I'd recommend New Orleans for a long weekend, I'd go back!

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