Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Finally Arrived!

Yes I think it's finally here, Spring that is, and just in time for Easter. Today was beautiful. Clear blue skies with the sun out in all its glory. It was still a little chilly but it didn't dampen the spirits. It has been a long winter.

The girls spent a lot of time outside today with Kristina and Emma who was over for most of the day.

We are very pleased with how Kristina has adopted to helping us with the girls and they certainly seem to really like her. She is busy at the moment getting ready for her wedding in May. She bought a dress this week. Shaun, her fiancé, also had a big week. He turned 21 on Monday and his mother was here from California to celebrate with him and the rest of his friends and family. Sounded like they had fun!

Isabel has started talking. Of course it's still totally gibberish but she is extremely pleased with her ba, ba, ba, ba, since it normally evokes a response from us. Language acquisition has started, it's amazing!!


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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Kristina is working out so well with your family. We get to hear so much about all of you. Kristina is coming very attached to the girls. We here a LOT about them. They are beautiful, sweet (intelligent) girls!

Hope you all can make it to the wedding!!

(Kristina's Mother)